TouchDown Kids

top partTouchdown Kids  is a Flag Gridiron program that has been designed specifically for Infants and Primary School students from Kindergarten to year 6.   It is a non Contact program which means that it is safe for the children to participate and can be played by both Boys and Girls.

boyTouchDown Kids can be run either indoors or outdoors and we run the program at your school which will save you money on Bus charters for Weekly Sport.

The Touchdown Kids program is also aligned with the School Education Syllabus from Early Stage 1 through to Stage 3 and all activities are age appropriate to ensure that the students are having fun and learning skills and game sense in a progression format.

We advocate the games approach to learning skills  to ensure that the children are active and  are learning to apply their new skills intogirl a game situation.  As such, our Program is fun and inclusive for all students as we maximise time by bringing enough equipment to your school to  ensure that the students are highly involved at all times.

Our Instructors are qualified and experienced and have had their working with children checks completed.

To book or to discuss your schools requirements please call Paul on 0406 538 634.


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