First impressions are important.  A well-groomed appearance and good personal presentation is very important because it tells people that we have a  professional approach.  To help us look professional, Bring it on Sports  will be supplying you with one complimentary coaching/instructor shirt for you to wear to your classes.

It is very important that you look after your uniforms and wear them  to every session you teach.  You are not only representing yourself as a Sports & Dance Professional, but you are also representing Bring it on Sports, as such, we require that you look your best at all times!  It also assists students and teachers to recognise you from the “crowd”!

  1. Uniforms must be worn to every coaching session
  2. Appropriate covered footwear must be worn
  3. All uniforms should be clean and in good condition
  4. Hair must be neat and tidy, or pulled back
  5. Smoking – Under no circumstances should coaches smoke in uniform, or around  coaching session.
  6. Alcohol – Do not drink alcohol during working hours. Please do not have alcohol on your breath when you are coaching – this will result in instant dismissal!


  • Bring it on Sports Singlet top  – Your new shirt  is an easy fit sleeveless top.  You may need to wear a fitted top underneath.  Please wear either Black, Navy, Red or white under your Bring it on Sports top.
    (I suggest Supre Singlets for summer  or a Supre Long sleeve or 3/4 top for winter)
  • FOR DANCE & CHEER – Black or Navy dance pants, hip hop pants or tights
  • FOR ZUMBA – Bring it on Sports Top with appropriate Zumba pants
  • Appropriate dance or sports shoes
  • Hoodie (available for purchase)
  • Bring it on Sports t-shirt
  • Navy Blue shorts (summer) or Navy Blue Tracksuit pants (winter)
  • Appropriate sports shoes
  • Bring it on Sports Cap (available for purchase)
  • Hoodie (available for purchase)


We wish to encourage you to purchase any uniform items you require… as such, pricing has been at a minimum.  All uniform items have the Bring it on Sports logo therefore all purchases are tax deductable.  Orders take approximately 4-6 weeks.  Please call or email us to place your order.