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Bring it on Sports branching out with Omnikin® and Kin-Ball®

September 05, 2019

Bring it on Sports is proud to announce its appointment as the exclusive Australian distributor for Omnikin®.  The distributorship includes the full range of Omnikin® and Kin-Ball® activities and associated products .

Omnikin® is unique for its amazing innovation, originality and effectiveness of the games and products that it has developed. Omnikin® activities encourage cooperation between participants and promote healthy competition and participation.

Kin-Ball®, is a team sport which was created in Quebec, Canada in 1986 by Mario Demers, a physical education professor, in which the main distinctive characteristics are the large size of the ball (1.2m in diameter) and that the matches are played among three teams at the same time instead of traditional one-vs-one like the most of the team games.

The distributorship was signed on the 28th August 2019 allowing Bring it on Sports to provide sports services and to supply related products for both indoor and outdoor use. A full catalogue and price list for equipment will be available shortly.

Activities utilise noodles, hoops and different sized balls to promote hand eye co-ordination and teamwork.  Sports utlitising different equipment include Kin-Ball®, Poison-Ball, Basketball, Soccer, Ultimate Rugby, Fassenball, Volleyball and many more!

Omnikin® and Kin-Ball® activities will now be offered  to primary schools, high schools, active after school centres, vacation care centres and community centres.  These activities and sports will also be available to organisations for corporate and team building sessions.

If you are interested in booking Omnikin® or Kin-Ball® for your school, centre or organisation please contact us on via email or make a booking here.