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What our clients say about us

Bring it on Sports have been nothing but a blessing. They have provided me with a great opportunity with regards to my receiving a full scholarship to the USA and being able to fulfill my ambitions in receiving an education.  They have supported me throughout my studies in Australia and have given me guidance and direction. I really cannot begin to thank them enough!  If it wasn’t for Paul Manera and his network with the Colleges in the USA I would not be where I am right now – off to the Baylor Bears!

I would sincerely like to thank Paul and Elissa for taking me in and treating me like part of the family. I have spent many long nights with them and their family and gotten to know them all very well over the time and I have a great deal of respect for them.  Bring it on Sport gives our young athletes amazing opportunities by running coaching clinics and camps. For athletes seeking scholarships I would have no doubt that they would be the best people to act on their behalf.  I would highly recommend any athlete to work with Bring it on Sports to assist them in making their dreams come and alive.

Peni Tagive

Our school was looking to apply a holistic approach to the way it supported its students in developing the skills required to survive Senior Study, particularly the HSC. We were thrilled to offer Koga sessions as part of our study skills day. Because of the blend of fitness based stretching and meditation principles, Koga was the perfect choice.  Our entire Year 12 student group willingly and actively participated in the Koga workout. Led by our dynamic and strong Koga instructor, Elissa Manera, the kids enjoyed a challenging session and many photos were taken of our students engaging in physical activity, away from their laptops.

The handout that Elissa designed to complement our study skills/work/life balance was an additional bonus that helped secure the relevance of the activity. We greatly appreciated the level of service that Elissa offered by catering the support documents to our needs and providing the capacity for students to apply what they had learned long term.  The feedback from the students, who are quite savvy consumers, was overwhelmingly positive. I wholeheartedly recommend Bring it On Sports and their Koga sessions!

Zena Dabaja
Deputy Principal – Condell Park High School

Paul has substantial knowledge of the NCAA Football landscape.

Through Paul’s excellent communication skills, as well as the number of exceptional contacts in the college football world, he assisted us is achieving scholarships at Baylor University.

Blake and Sean Muir

“On behalf of Maher St Cottage, we wish to congratulate you for the excellent pre-school physical and social educational program your organisation has continued to provide, our children, twice a week, over the past 5 years. Your classes are always interesting, fun, as well as, constantly changing to meet the physical challenges of our children and community. Your programs have been incorporated with our physical and social program for our 2 – 5 year olds, and has overall enhanced our children’s gross motor skills and developing self esteem/ confidence and has taught our children breathing and relaxation techniques, great basic life skills and tools any child can utilize throughout their ongoing journey at any stage of their life.”

Dora Moraitis
Bach.Teach.Early Childhood, Assoc.Dip.Soc.Sci, Nom.A/S.

“Bring it on sports has played a massive role in my journey towards college football, The director of the organisation, Paul Manera, has not only been there as a coach for me, but he has also created a position in my life as a role model.

He always believed that I had the ability to play Division 1 football, and that made me believe it. I definitely owe a thank Bring it on Sports for the opportunity they have given me, and a BIG thank you to Coach Manera who has played a giant role and spent a lot of time helping me achieve my dream.”

Adam Gotsis
Current Defensive End for the Denver Broncos

“Honey Bee Preschool has been participating in the Bring it on Sports programs over the past 4 years. The children thoroughly enjoy the dancing and sport programs run by the teachers. The children are introduced to a range of materials during the classes including musical instruments, parachutes, scarves and lots more. The children love engaging in the classes as they explore a range of body movements, as they move around the classroom. The teachers are very friendly and form positive relationships with the children. The teachers also monitor the children and regularly implement experiences that the children enjoy. This in turn gives the children confidence as they are familiar with the routine. It is a great way to instil positive connections with health and fitness from a young age. The families at Honey Bee Preschool are very happy with the classes, giving lots of positive feedback. Thank you for providing such a fantastic service!!!”

Jackie Cross

‘Bring it on Sports” has provided our students with professional expertise in the coaching of dance, games and fitness for the past 4 years.  Each session has been well organised and the coaches are not only very reliable, but also enthusiastic and flexible in their approach. I also appreciate that the coaches cater for all levels of skill and fitness.

I will continue to utilise the services of ” Bring it on Sports” in our school program and recommend the organisation to both school Sport Organisers and others who are involved in keeping our population active.

Krys Macready
St George Girl High School

“Coach Manera was instrumental in getting me over to the States.  He was a great coach on the Australian team and he guided me towards Junior College football where I have developed my skills and had a great time doing so.

The Division One Colleges I watched on TV from Australia, are now recruiting me as I work towards my goal of a scholarship.”

Nathan D Cunha
Offensive Lineman, Kansas University

“I know a program like this will help give Australian Athletes the opportunity to get assessed for Gridiron scholarships to Colleges and Universities in the USA. Paul Manera no doubt has done his homework learning to coach, besides sharing his experiences after earning and playing Football for the University of Hawaii. Paul knows what Colleges and Universities are looking for, and his experience with Coaching at the National Level in Australia gives him a lot of insights to techniques and skills that is needed to the development and progress of the athlete to move into the next level.”

Wesley K Suan
Assistant Coach, Southern Methodist University

“I have known PAUL MANERA since he was a player at the University of Hawaii in 1989. As a coach at Brigham Young University I was familiar with Paul as a player and a coach. His desire to learn all he could about American Football was very obvious and he was always determined to take this knowledge back to Australia to enhance the Gridiron programs down under.

I believe it would greatly enhance the Australian Players chances of coming to the US to have Paul as a primary source to help these players. I know I have confidence in his coaching and organizational skills and look forward to working with him to support this program anyway that I can.  It is with no reservations that I give Paul Manera my highest recommendation as a coach and administrator. He is a very valuable resource for all of the gridiron programs in Australia.”

Chris Pella
Former Head Football Coach at Utah State University
Recruiting Coordinator, Tight Ends and Special Teams Coach at Brigham Young University
Presently Director of Football at Down Under Bowl

Paul was very helpful in achieving my scholarship to the university of Hawaii. He was an alumni of the University of Hawaii and had a connection to the coaches which helped give me the opportunity play football in the USA.

Paul’s experience as a student athlete in an American University gave me an insight into what was required. He was able share thoughts and memories which helped me prepare for road ahead.

Adrian Thomas

I really owe alot to Coach Manera and Bring it on Sports for the help and guidance I have been given both on and off the field. If it wasn’t for Bring it on Sports I wouldn’t be able to strive for my dreams.

Coach Manera spent countless hours of his own time to help me reach my goals and become a better student/athlete on and off the field. It is through the selfless work of Bring it on sports that we will see this sport rise in Australia.

Thank you so very much,

Jordy (Jordan Stalker)

I had always wanted to play Gridiron on US soil. Being able to combine a trip to Hawaii with football was the perfect opportunity to achieve this ambition.

Bring it on Sports provided a fantastic 9 days to enjoy the company of great people, enjoy the amazing experience that is Hawaii and its people, all topped off with a chance to represent Australia and New Zealand against some of the finest athletes Hawaii had to put up against us.

Justin Fernley