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Scholarship Services

Bring it on Sports can assist talented student athletes who wish to pursue their dreams of earning scholarship to USA Colleges and Universities.

There are many things to consider when considering an athletic scholarship in the USA.  We can assist you to make an informed decision and save you valuable time by pointing you in the right direction so that you can start your journey towards your goal of playing college sports.  As part of our consultation we will…

  • Assess your academics
  • Discuss your eligibility
  • Develop suitable strategies to obtain your goals
  • Discuss athletic ability requirements
  • Investigate the best pathway to take- Junior College, Division III, Division II, Division IAA, Division I, NAIA

We provide the following services:

  • Informational Seminars – for participants wishing to earn a Scholarships to the USA
  • Mentoring – to set appropriate Goals and  pathways to achieve success.
  • Physical Evaluation – to ensure the prospect is athletically competitive for the competition level that they are aspiring to compete at.
  • Marketing – To create positive exposure to potential colleges and universities

Our Director, Paul Manera, has been helping student athletes to follow their dreams since 1992. 

Paul has 1st hand knowledge. He received a scholarship in 1988 to play American Football at Itawamba Community College Mississippi, USA and in 1989 he received a second scholarship, this time to the University of Hawaii where he graduated, in 1992, with a Bachelors Degree of Business Administration majoring in Finance. Paul’s American Football scholarship enabled him to get a quality education and represent the University of Hawaii in intercollegiate competition.  Today, Paul helps students athletes with his step by step advice and assistance.

“getting a Football scholarship to the University of Hawaii was a dream come true for me and it was an opportunity of a lifetime. I was able to follow my passion to play American Football whilst receiving a quality education”

If you are interested in pursuing your goal of getting a USA Sports Scholarship then simply complete the form below and one of our sports consultants will review your information and contact you to discuss your eligibility and possible options. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you require.  Please be aware that there is a consultation fee of $110.00 for this service.


  • Contact Details

  • example: 123 Anywhere Street
  • Provide your skype if you have one.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 100.
  • Education

  • Example: May 2013
  • example: May 2013
  • Subjects Taken In Your Last 4 Years Of High School

  • English Composition, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension etc...
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Physics,Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics etc...
  • Biology, Geology, Chemistry etc...
  • History, Geography, Anthropology, Sociology, Civics, Government, Law, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Foreign Language etc...
  • please provide any major(s) you might be interested in getting a degree in while you are attending college.
  • This does not include TAFE courses or trade certifications.
  • Where you went, what years, what you studies etc...
  • Sports Related Information

  • example: Running Back, Offensive Line
  • example: Long Snapper, Kicker, Punter
  • please provide a link to any highlight videos or game tape you might have. (Youtube, Vimeo etc.)
  • Example: 1999, 2012 etc....
  • please choose at least one of the options below. (you can choose more than one)
  • Availability

  • After we receive your form submission and payment, we will spend some time reviewing the information and then get back to you soon to set up a time to have your consultation. Please let us know the times and dates you are available in the next week to have your consultation via skype or phone.

  • Which Days & Times Are You Available?

  • Payment

  • Your $110 fee covers the cost of your consultation. (Includes GST)