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Bringing the Heat!

December 18, 2023

The Year in Review – 2023’s Triumphs at Bring it on Sports.

As the curtain falls on 2023, Bring It On Sports stands tall, reflecting on a year filled with monumental achievements and community triumphs. Let’s take a glance at some key milestones that have defined our remarkable journey over the past twelve months.

NSW Goalball Partnership Ignites Passion

In February, Bring It On Sports took a monumental step towards inclusivity by unveiling a groundbreaking partnership with NSW Goalball. This collaboration not only brought the thrilling sport of Goalball to a broader audience but also solidified our commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive sporting communities. As a delivery provider for Goalball NSW, Bring It On Sports actively engages schools in the Goalball 4 Schools program, playing a pivotal role in raising awareness about this unique and inclusive sport. Through this initiative, we strive to make Goalball more accessible and enjoyable for students.

Softball Batter-Up Program Hits a Home Run

March witnessed the launch of the Softball Batter-Up Program in partnership with Softball Australia and Softball NSW through the Sporting Schools program. A testament to Bring It On Sports’ dedication to nurturing young talent, the initiative aims to introduce softball to Kindy to Year 6 students, providing them with the tools and skills needed to step up to the plate and embrace the joy of the game.

Gridiron NSW State Challenge Breaks Ground

April brought another sporting spectacle as Bring It On Sports hosted the 2023 Gridiron NSW State Challenge at Collegians Sports & Performance Centre in Wollongong. The event not only showcased the gridiron prowess of U20 junior teams from NSW and QLD, but also highlighted Bring It On Sports’ capability to organise and deliver high-profile competitions.

The Youth Partnership: A Commitment to Community and Career Development

In April, Bring It On Sports proudly unveiled an exciting partnership with The Youth Partnership. This collaborative initiative establishes Bring It On Sports as a host employer, offering crucial support and work placements to students enrolled in vocational (VET) courses as part of their Higher School Certificate. This strategic partnership also positions the organisation as a key player in nurturing talent within the sports coaching industry.

Expanding Horizons: Bring It On Sports Becomes a Registered NDIS Provider

In June, Bring It On Sports achieved a significant milestone by becoming a registered National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) provider. This move expanded our reach, ensuring that individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities could access sports programs tailored to their needs. This commitment reflects our dedication to making sports more inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.

Bring It On Sports Joins Forces with Special Olympics Australia

July saw Bring It On Sports deepening its commitment to inclusivity through an exciting partnership with Special Olympics Australia. This collaboration saw the launch of the Playing for All program, a games-based initiative for children and adults with an intellectual disability. This program, delivered by Bring It On Sports, encourages participants to get active, make friends and most importantly have fun through the joy of sports.

Touchdown Fun at Flag Gridiron School Holiday Camp

In September, Bring It On Sports hit the field with the Flag Gridiron School Holiday Camp at Tonbridge Oval, offering an unforgettable experience for school kids. Transforming the game of American Football into a non-contact adventure, young athletes engaged in a modified version where the objective was to skillfully remove flags from opponents rather than traditional tackles. The camp not only introduced these budding players to the exciting world of gridiron but also emphasised skill development, teamwork, and, most importantly, a whole lot of fun.

Bayside Business Award Triumph

October brought recognition to Bring It On Sports as we proudly clinched the Bayside Business Award in the Most Outstanding Fitness Services category. This accolade highlighted our impact on the local community and excellence in promoting sports and fitness.

Launching Melbourne: A New Chapter for Bring It On Sports Begins!

The year reached a crescendo in October, and we set our sights on a new horizon with the launch of operations in Melbourne. It marks a significant milestone as we extend our passion for sports to Melbourne Metro Schools, fostering a love for physical activity across the city.

As we turn the page on 2023, Bring It On Sports stands as a beacon of community, inclusion, and sporting excellence. The year’s achievements set the stage for an even more promising 2024, as Bring It On Sports continues to bring the joy of sports to diverse communities across Sydney and Melbourne.